Working ergonomically

What is working ergonomically?

The Greek Ergos Nomos means ‘law of work’. Working ergonomically is working as effective as possible. Using scientific research of human labour, tools and work situations we help people achieving - and maintaining - the right working posture. For working healthy and happy in the short and long run.

Sitting Healthy

Please mind the points below - they are important for the best working posture.

  • Impact point 1 : Neck Complaints
  • Impact point 2 : Shoulder Complaints
  • Impact point 3 : Back Complaints
  • Impact point 4 : RSI

Back, shoulder or neck complaints, RSI: unfortunately too many people have experienced them. The amount of sitting work grew, without giving the same increasing attention to the health consequences. As a result the figures spoke for themselves and showed an increasing number of chronical complaints, leave of absence and even permanent disability. A simple workplace check can clarity a lot.