To sit often hurts…

Most people spend a major part of their lives sitting. With the back complaints sitting for longer periods become painful. We all have experienced it during the long car drives.

What is the cause?

In most cases the recognizable cause is insufficient support in the lower back. The LordoSit® solves this problem. It’s made of flexible polyether material, that is why it improves the shock resistance of the spine a lot better, then the ‘air’ cushions.

A simple solution

The LordoSit® gives an ideal support of the spine. This back support prevents a convex position of the spine.

The LordoSit® is easy to adjust and can be used in any chair

The LordoSit® can be used wherever proper seating is absent: in your car, your couch or in any seat with a poor back support. 

The height of the pillow can be easily adjusted by balancing the little contra weight that is attached on a sling. 

Technical information on the LordoSit®: 

* dimensions 29cm x 22cm  

* upholstered with navy blue cotton

* easy to clean with a damp cloth, separate washable at low temperatures


The LordoSit® has a three year warranty.

Price € 25,= excl. VAT and shipping. For more information about the shipping costs, please, contact BQE.

Order by e-mail: info@bqergonomics.nl
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