Stools & Chairs


The Dynamic® is a work stool with very specific features. The patented scissor mechanism automatically moves the back support towards the back. This unique feature ensures optimal stability of the lower spine. For the best performance the Dynamic® should be adjusted to each individual user.

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The Sciszor is a new BQE work stool developed to combine simple adjustment with the unique scissor mechanism that moves back support forward to provide maximum support. The weight adjustment is no longer needed.

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ComfortMove Medical 3 en 4  

The ComfortMove is an ergonomic chair with an dynamic tilting mechanism. Due to its unique flexible pivoting connections the seat and backrest move together with the movements of the user. An optimal comfort and back support can be provided in all working positions.

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ComfortMove Office  

The ComfortMove Office, designed by BQE, is the new type of an office chair, that combines a great support of the lower back with freedom of movement and enjoyable comfort. The chair is simple to operate with only two handles and can be used in a variety of work situations by several users.


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The CorrectSit is a work stool with a triangular shaped seat (comparable to the Dynamic). The CorrectSit is not sensitive to the persons weight, the seat and backrest can be adjusted individually. It has easy operable manual handles which make it very simple to adjust the chair to multiple users. 


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The ErgoSolex is a high-low work stool with standing-support. It is designed and developed to perform seated and standing tasks while maintaining optimal posture.


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ErgoSolex CM  

The ErgoSolex CM has a smaller seat shape and is suitable for the sitting as well as the standing work positions.

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Lumbar Support Pillow  

In 1988 Physical Therapist Ernst Haaksma developed a very effective lumbar support device for the RUAC (Medical Back Center The Hague), named "the Lordosit". It is the most effective lumbar support pillow on the market nowadays and has sold over 90.000 in numbers. The original Lordosit® is a high quality product with a three year warranty.

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