The A100P Seating Method

The A100P Seating Method is designed to prevent back and RSI complaints.

The A100P Seating Method promotes alternating sitting (active and passive), based on bio-mechanical studies of the human body, by A.C.Mandal, Nachemson, and Mc.Kenzie. 

Active sit (100 - 110 degrees): 

Can only be maintained for a maximum of 5-10 minutes
Requires muscle activity and active stabilisation
During: computer work, desk work, writing tasks 

Passive sit:

Resting position, while leaning, recommended 2-3 minuten 
Provides relaxation
During: phone calls, reading, thinking, taking a work break


A100p a


A100p p

Active Sit 100° -110°

Passive Sit

The A100P Seating Method also promotes on open hip angle (between 100-110 degrees), which means that the a person is not seated in a conventional fixed 90 degree position. The advantages are:
* When sitting higher it is easier to stretch the back.
* An open hip angle allows the pelvis to rotate forward, which release pressure in the back.
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