Ergonomics chair: we care for your back

Every day, you make your clients feel fit, relaxed and beautiful. They leave your practice totally rejuvenated. But what about you?

BQE chairs are designed to go beyond the traditional saddle stools. Our chairs / stools are designed to relieve the back, neck and shoulders while you are working. You will feel more relaxed, fit and above all, pain free.

Don’t just sit on a boring ordinary saddle stool but choose your own stylish and modern stool. Choose the color(s) you like and your chair will become the essential addition to the interior of your beauty / wellness practice or workspace.

Check the link below for more information about BQE stools and chair. If you need more information about which model is more suitable for you don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also offer ergonomic dental chairs and office chairs.

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