About BQE

About BQE

Back Quality Ergonomics: market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to ergonomic chairs, with an extensive dealer network in over 30 countries worldwide. Originated from the Back schooling- and advice Center in the Hague we have been helping to improve the health of people with sedentary work for over 30 years – especially medical specialists. Committed, experienced and innovative we keep on developing our own designs, cooperating with medical specialists and our nationwide network of advisors. Your movement is what moves us. Our ergonomic solutions for sedentary work ensure that those who help others, can keep on doing it now and in the future.

How does BQE-design work?

Do you sit for 90% of the day? Then the pressure on the intervertebral disc is twice as high as when you do work standing up. The consequences vary from vague pain up to serious complaints in the lower back for three out of ten people on a daily basis. Variation of posture helps prevent the static pressure on the spine: exactly where the focus of the BQE-designs is. Sitting dynamically supports the better posture, diminishes sick leave, actively contributes to better health and quality of life.

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Chair Advice

With a good analysis and instructions you experience the optimal effect - and that’s important for us. After all, you are investing in more than a chair; you are investing in a healthy body. Our staff also have people with a (para)medical background. Make your appointment today for the personal postural advice, and try out several different models from our wide selection on location or in the showroom at our head office.

Postural advice consists of:

A short intake concerning your working situation and/or physical complaints;

Selection of the chair that fits best;

Analyzing the right height for working using a workplace simulator;

Practical advice about the layout and design of your workspace if necessary.

Last but not least you will be able to choose your owm design from the a large spectrum of upholstery choices and colors. Honestly speaking – almost nothing in impossible - the big advantage of our own product development. You can choose for picking up the chair yourself, delivery with our transport company or delivering and adjusting the chair by one of our colleagues at your work space. The last option is not always possible and depends on your location. Prices depend on your personal need and choice, starting from € 500, excl VAT.